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SuperLib is a drawing/picture library management software, widely used in many fields, including decoration design, publish companies, editing departments, newspaper office, design institute, photography companies, government departments, hospitals, electronic design, website building, research institutions and so on.

SuperLib provides many powerful features, which can be applied flexibly accroding to user needs. If you use it to store photoes, it can be a photo management system; If you use it to store CAD drawings, it can be a CAD drawing management system; You can also use it to store files other than drawings or pictures, like doc, xls files, use it as a file management system. SuperLib provides many customization methods so that it can meet the needs of various industries and organizations.

With SuperLib Network Version, you can create one library on a server computer and have authorized users access that one library on client computer via network.SuperLib Network version is suitable for work groups and companies.

Maybe you will ask, why not just use Windows Explorer to do the same thing? Why should one use SuperLib? Let's have a look at its powerful features.

Feature 1: duplicated file identification

"Duplicated files" means "binary identical files" here.

If there are duplicated files in SuperLib library, SuperLib stores only one copy of the "real" file and creates multiple references to the "real" file. So duplicated files do not occupy more disk space than one file. It is very useful when you collect and collate files.

Feature 2: Multiple Classification

If you classify your pictures using folders, you can put a picture to multiple folders. For example, a photo contains a child, a laptop and sofa. you can put it into the "child" folder, and also you can put it into "laptop" and "sofa" folder, all these three files only occupy one file disk space.


Feature 3: Quick Classification

If you have a lot of pictures to classify, you will find it time-consuming and boring to copy and paste them into folders. SuperLib provide a "Quick Classification" method to do this. Just click the check box before the folders, the picture will be copy to the folders automatically.

quick classification

Feature 4: Intellectively Compression

Files are automatically and intellectively compressed in SuperLib. If a file is worth to be compressed(eg. dxf, dwg, bmp), it is compressed; otherwise(eg. jpg, gif), it is not compressed.

Feature 5: Descriptions of Files and Folders

Each file and folder can have description. You can put author name, content, usage and any other text in description.

Feature 6: Pre-defined Keywords

You can define keywords in SuperLib. When you want to add description to files/folders, just click the check boxes before keywords. It helps a great deal to save time.


Feature 7: user-defined attributes

User can defined file attributes and input and search attribute values. For example, if you use SuperLib to manage photoes, you can define attributes such as photographer, shooting time; If you use SuperLib to manege engineering drawings, you can define attributes such as project name, project leader, author, proofreader and so on.

Feature 8: Powerful Search

You can search by file/folder names and descriptions in specified location.


Feature 9: Access Permissions

For each folder, you can assign diffrent permissions to diffrent user/group. There are permissions to browse download, write, upload and multi copy. If you have permission to download but do not have permission to multi copy, you are not able to copy 2 or more files at one time. That prevents too much lost of library resources.


Feature 10: File Viewing and Editing

You can view and edit files in SuperLib like in Windows Explorer. Further more, SuperLib has a build-in viewer for bitmap files(bmp, jpg, etc.), and it has special support for AutoCAD dwg files, such as opening files in AutoCAD, inserting dwg as block into AutoCAD and more.



insert to acad

Feature 11: Multiple Storage Area

If the library grows very large, it might use up all the disk space. With the SuperLib multiple storage area feature, you can add new disk partitions as storage areas, or delete existed storage areas. Files in deleted storage area will be moved to other storage areas automatically.

Feature 12. Access Logs

You can record any user operation if you want.

Feature 13: Supports B / S, C / S

SuperLib supports browser-server and client-server sturcture at the same time. You can visit SuperLib Server using SuperLib Client to take advantage of its powerful features, or just using web browser if you don't want to install a client side software.

Supported file formats

SuperLib can accept any file format, but thumbnail preview is only available for drawing/picture files.
drawing file format: dwg(AutoCAD)
picture file format: bmp jpg jpeg gif png mng jng ico cur tiff tif tga pcx wbmp wmf emf j2k jp2 jbg jp2 j2k jpc j2c pgx ras psd pic pnm pgm ppm

If one type of file can have thumbnail in Windows Explorer, SuperLib can also create thumbnail for them, including max, 3ds, ai, eps, avi, mpg, mov and many other file types.

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