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Q: Can I print the blocks in a directory to produce a paper index??? Can I print more than one block at a time? Can I print a number of blocks on a single sheet?
A: There is not any print function in SuperLib. We will add this function in the future version.
Q: How many Blocks /folders can the program handle???
In theory, SuperLib can handle 2G blocks(filers) and 2G folders. 1G = 1024M = 1024*1024K = 1024*1024*1024 = 1,073,741,824. Practically, there are more than 160,000 files and over 10,000 folders in our library database for test, and it works pretty well.
Q: Hi, I recently found your software, and I believe it might be a perfect fit for our company to manage our details and blocks database. We have about 40 stations of Autocad. I am using the trial version right now, and I am having a hard time finding out what the search capabilities are of this program. Can it allow us to assign keywords to drawing files in the library without actually changing the filename? That way, we can number the files with a serial number, and associate the number with some keywords and phrases. Thanks for any information.

Also, I would appreciate it if you can send me some more detailed information about the enterprise and network version of this software.

Thank you.
A: In SuperLib, every drawing file and every folder has a description field. You can input keywords or any other information about this file or folder to its description field. The new search function we added in V3.0 can find keywords in file/folder names or in file/folder descriptions.

Enterprise and network version is composed of three parts: SuperLib Server, SuperLib Console and SuperLib Client. Drawing files and any other files are stored in library in SuperLib Server. Administrators ues SuperLib Console to manage users, user groups, permissions, etc. Users access files and folders in library with SuperLib Client. SuperLib Console and SuperLib Client are connected to SuperLib Server via local area network.
Q: Once the software is purchased, can be registered used on two PC's, or I need to purchase a second license?
A: One license cannot be used on two computers, you need to purchase two license.

How many computers do you want to use SuperLib on? Have you tried SuperLib Network Version? The Network Verson is a good solution for computers in local area network(LAN).
Q: I am interested in learning more about the search capabilities of SuperLib. We are an international company with 1,000s of pictures currently stored in folders on a network. Pictures are currently stored and accessed by users across the US through folders on our network. However, it is becoming more difficult to manage our pictures effectively, and we are interested in adopting a system to help catalog and search for specific pictures by keywords. Does your system operate using keywords. If so, how many keywords can be assigned to one photo. Does it support searches by condition groupings such as AND /OR, NOT?

After looking through your website it sounds like SuperLib could meet our needs but I'd like more information. I can be reached at the number below or through email.
A: In SuperLib, every folder and file can have a description, and you can input keywords as description to a file. While you are searching, input keywords in the Search dialog.There is no limitation for number of keywords.

You can find more information about SuperLib at this URL:

Or visit and click "Help document".

You can also download a free trial version of SuperLib Network Version from this URL:
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